How to properly care for your panties so that they last in mint condition for as long as possible?

Wash before the first use – this step cannot be skipped, as it activates the absorptive power of your panties. We recommend a machine run at 40°C, with the spin cycle speed set at a maximum of 1,000 rpm. It’s crucial that you use liquid wool detergent. Always using a laundry net for delicates helps protect the merino wool. Don’t use fabric softener – the panties would no longer be absorbent, and the membrane might moreover become damaged. After use, rinse the panties in cold water. If you want, you can add soap that is suitable for wool (i.e., soap on lanoline or olive oil basis, or Marseille soap). However, we strongly advise against using cosmetic soap, bile soap, or curd soap. Gently knead the panties under your fingers in the crotch area. Don’t rub them! Also, don’t wring them, just squeeze them lightly until they no longer drip. If you follow these steps, the merino layer will remain soft and smooth for many months without pilling. Wash your panties using a 40°C washing program and let them dry inside-out (but not on a radiator or in direct contact with a heated rack). There is no rush; the used panties won’t smell or stain. Simply let them dry, inside-out, after rinsing them by hand. You can then wash them as part of your regular laundry at your convenience. Your panties are again ready to use!

I don’t have to use a menstrual pad – seriously?

Our panties fully substitute for pads, tampons or a menstrual cup. Check our portfolio for cuts with high or maximum absorptive power, which are fitted with a strong absorbent layer of bamboo viscose (whereas bamboo is capable of absorbing up to four times more moisture than cotton), which makes them ideal for days of heavy flow. You are of course free to wear any of the models as a complement to your cup or with a tampon.

Won’t the wool be itchy? I hate itchy woolen sweaters!

The merino wool that we use is incredibly soft and won’t scratch – that’s a promise. The individual fiber is 16.5 micrometers thick, which is why the woven fabric is smooth and soft to the touch.

But won’t they smell when I’m on my period?

Period panties don’t give off any odor. Wool naturally binds harmful substances, such as viruses and bacteria, and thus works against the build-up of odor. Bamboo has similar qualities. We’ve found zero need to add odor-suppressing agents!

I am afraid I’ll get all hot and sweaty...

You won't feel steamy in our panties. Merino wool has thermoregulatory capabilities and is at the same time breathable, and both these things are true also for bamboo viscose knit, due to its structure. The SAYUtech membrane was developed at the Technical University of Liberec and is characterized by exceptionally high vapor permeability.

Won’t the panties rustle as I move around?

When we commissioned the development of the membrane, we were mindful of this particular aspect.  Because of this, the membrane itself bends and folds without making the slightest noise.  It is true that there is some inevitable friction where the membrane meets the other materials, so the panties will rustle a tiny bit as one layer rubs against the other.  The SAYU team tested the acoustic aspects of the panties - yay, science! - and found that in a very quiet room, wearing panties only, you'll be able to detect some rustling.  Put on a skirt or a pair of pants, though, and you'll no longer hear any rustling (also because of all the small sounds likely produced by your other clothes, shoes, or sportswear).

Where does the merino wool used come from, how are the sheep treated, how environmentally friendly is the production of knitwear?

Our wool comes from Australian sheep farmed "Mulesing free". It is then processed by an Austrian company with bluesign certification (www.bluesign.com). Before this certification is awarded, auditors not only test the final product but examine the entire production cycle from start to finish.  Consumer protection, water and air pollution, safety and health at work and the most efficient use of resources are all taken into account. The product is then knitted and dyed at a Czech company holding Class II oekotex certification (for clothing coming directly into contact with the skin).

Can I wash the panties along with my other laundry?

Ano, rozhodně můžete. Předem je lepší kalhotky vypláchnout, pak je vyperete s ostatním prádlem v pračce s pracím gelem na vlnu, odstřeďování nastavte na maximálně 1000 otáček za minutu. Takto se nepoškodí ani vlna ani membrána.

What washing detergent should I use?

Wash the panties with liquid washing detergent designated for items made from wool (best would be a green wool washing product, which benefits both your laundry and the environment).  For washing by hand, cold water is best - if you want to use soap, you should use a soap that is wool-care compatible, such as lanolin soap or Marseille soap.  We advise against the use of gall soap or curd soap, as the wool would become brittle over time. Do not use shampoo, liquid or cosmetic soap either.

The panties need to be laundered at 40 degrees (Celsius) at most, and are not suited for a hot wash - I am worried about bacteria?

Wool is a natural protein fiber that, in and of itself, prevents decay and the multiplication of microorganisms. Bamboo has similar qualities. For this reason, both materials that we’ve been using for the panties are naturally antibacterial. There is no need to use additional laundry disinfectant; in fact, it’s wasteful.  Disinfection with a natural disinfectant (such as a lactic acid laundry additive) is recommended if you experienced a serious gynecological infection.

How many washing cycles do the panties last?


How long can I wear the panties before I should change into a fresh pair?

Our recommended wearing time of 8 to 12 hours poses no health risks to you whatsoever.  With that said, it is a very individual matter for how long one pair will carry you safely during the day, depending on such factors as how heavily you are menstruating, the viscosity of the blood, and your anatomy. You will quickly get a feel for which cuts will suit you best, and develop a feeling for safe wearing times.

If you experience stronger periods, you may need to change your panties several times during the day. For this purpose, we offer leakage-proof purses which make it so much easier to discreetly change into a fresh pair.  One pair of any night-time model should take you through the night without trouble: they are among our most absorbent, and customer reviews show that you can really rely on them.

What size should I pick?

You’ll find a size chart in the description for each individual product. Click on “SIZE CHART” to uncollapse the chart, below which you’ll also find tips on how to properly take your measurements.

What size should I choose if my measurements are right in the middle between sizes?


I feel squeamish about the light colors...


I can see light-colored edges around the front and back of the sewn-in pad?

We strive not to use dyed fabric unnecessarily. Because of this, the absorbent part of the panties, including the membrane, are all-naturally colored, which is gentler on you and on the environment. Only the visible parts are made of color fabric, with a view to ease of handling and laundry logistics. Thus, you get the best of both worlds: great-looking panties with a minimum of dye.

Where can I try on the SAYU period panties?

Kalhotky SAYU najdete v těchto prodejnách:

SaYu s. r. o. - Za Poříčskou bránou 390/18, Praha 8 - Karlín (dle otevírací doby provozovny)

Brána ke zdraví - Orlí 17, Brno-střed
Přírodno - Hybešova 726/42, 602 00 Brno-střed-Staré Brno

How long does shipping take?

We ship within 3 days and will provide you with a shipment number for tracking.

Are you delivering to Slovakia?

Pro doručení balíčku na Slovensko si můžete zvolit přepravní společnost GLS (149,00 Kč) nebo Zásilkovnu na výdejní místo (119,00 Kč).

Are you shipping to Europe?

Ano, posíláme do členských zemí EU :)

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