General Terms of Business

General Terms of Business


Introductory Provisions

1. We are SaYu s.r.o., Identification No. 083 20 497, VAT ID: CZ08320497 with our registered office at Červená Skála 338, 250 68 Husinec, entered in the Commercial Register kept by the Prague Municipal Court in Section C, File No. 315779. We operate an online store at
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us over the phone at +420 773 739 774 or via e-mail at 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us over the phone at

+420 773 739 774 or via e-mail at


2. These terms and conditions of business (the "T&C") form a part of the purchase agreement made between us as the seller and you as the buyer, provided that you are a consumer, based on the binding offer to contract that you make by submitting an order through our online store. The purpose of the T&C is to provide a detailed set of rules governing the rights and obligations of each of us under the purchase agreement.  

3. The purchase agreement may be made in English. The purchase agreement is governed by the laws of the Czech Republic.



Conclusion of Purchase Agreement


1. You choose the goods you wish to purchase, and your preferred method of payment and delivery, in the online store, where you also find further information

about the goods, their price, and the shipping costs to the destination of your choice. Product presentations in the online store are strictly for informational purposes and do not oblige us to enter into a purchase agreement with you.

2. Before you submit your order, you may check it for completeness and accuracy and, if need be, change any data that you have entered. By submitting the order to us, you are making an 'offer to contract', i.e. an offer for us to enter into the purchase agreement with you. You may retract this offer at any time unless and until we confirm that we have received it. Submitting the order is only possible after you have filled in all mandatory data in the order form, and after you have confirmed that you familiarized yourself with these T&C. We will assume that the data you entered in the submitted order form is correct.

3. Upon receiving your order, we will send you e-mail confirmation of receipt. By confirming your order, the purchase agreement comes into existence. The contents of the purchase agreement are determined by our confirmation of your order and by the T&C (which we will send you along with the confirmation). 

4. If we find that we are unable to satisfy some of the requests contained in your order, we will send you a modified offer. In such a case, the purchase agreement only comes into existence upon your acceptance of this modified offer (expressed via e-mail).

5. If, for any reason, the purchase agreement does not validly come into existence, we will return any money that we received from you within 14 days.



Terms of Payment; Delivery of Goods


1. Along with the purchase price, you will also pay the costs of shipping associated with delivery to the destination (as per the address that you specified). Unless expressly stated otherwise, the term 'purchase price' shall be understood to also include the costs of delivery.

2. We will send the goods to your address as soon as we receive payment of the purchase price. You will receive an electronic invoice for the goods that you bought, which we will send to the e-mail address that you provided.

3. If your chosen payment method is by cashless transfer into our bank account, please make payment within 5 working days from the day on which we confirm your order. 

4. If your chosen payment method is by payment card or through a payment gateway, please follow the instructions provided by the relevant provider of online payment processing services.

5. If we agree with you on a different method for delivery than our standard method, based on your specific request, then you will bear the risk and (where applicable) the additional costs associated with this choice.

6. If a repeat delivery becomes necessary, or if the method of delivery has to be changed (compared to what is specified in the order), you will bear the costs, if any, associated with this.

7. As you receive the goods and take them over from the delivery service, please verify whether the outer packaging is undamaged; you should bring any defects to the immediate attention of the delivery agent. If the goods or the packaging are clearly damaged upon arrival, you are under no obligation to accept the shipment.

8. You become the owner of the goods as of the moment at which the purchase price has been paid. If you refuse to accept the goods contrary to the purchase agreement, then the risk of random destruction, damage or loss of the goods passes to you as of the moment at which you refused to accept the goods.



Withdrawal from Agreement


1. You may walk away from the purchase agreement even without giving reasons, at any time during the 14-day period from the date of acceptance of the goods (or from the day on which the last shipment of goods was made, if you ordered several kinds of goods or if we decided to deliver in instalments). In order to observe this 14-day period for withdrawal, you must dispatch the notice in which you inform us of your withdrawal from the purchase agreement no later than on the last day of that time period. 

2. The 14-day period for withdrawal from the purchase agreement begins on the day on which you accepted the goods (or on the day on which you accepted the last shipment, in the event that the purchase agreement was made for several different kinds of goods or if delivery was made in instalments).

3. You will understand that no withdrawal from the purchase agreement is possible if we made alterations to the goods in accordance with your specific wishes.  

4. If you withdraw from the purchase agreement, you must send back (or hand over) to us the bought goods within 14 days from the date of withdrawal, at your own expense. No later than within 14 days from the day of your withdrawal from the purchase agreement (but only after you returned the goods to us, or provided us with proof that you dispatched the goods to our address), we will return the entire sum that we've received from you (including the costs of delivery), save for the cost difference between your chosen method of delivery and the cheapest method of delivery that we offer.

5. You must return the goods undamaged, unused, clean and odorless. Also, the goods may not have been washed before returning them. If possible, please return the goods in their original packaging. If you withdraw from the purchase agreement for goods that show signs of use beyond what is necessary to examine them and try them on (the way you typically would in a brick-and-mortar store), or if the goods are otherwise damaged, you will be liable for their loss in value. We may unilaterally set off our claim for the compensation of the damage caused by the deterioration in value of the returned goods against your claim for a refund. When returning a part of your order, please keep in mind that the total value of your order will be based on the remaining (unreturned) part, and that you may thus forfeit your claim for a volume discount, depending on the number of items you ordered and/or returned.

6. We, too, may withdraw from the purchase agreement, for instance, if the prices advertised in our online store (or specified during the ordering process) are manifestly wrong due to what is clearly a technical error, but your order nonetheless goes through and is accepted, or if the goods are out of stock or are otherwise unavailable, if we experience a stoppage or suspension of manufacturing or delivery by our supplier, or if our producer or supplier is no longer able to provide us with the goods at the price agreed with them. We may withdraw from the purchase agreement by sending notice to the e-mail address that you specified. We will return any and all money that we received from you within 14 days from the day on which we withdrew from the purchase agreement.  



Rights from Defective Performance

1. We are obliged to hand over the purchased goods to you free from any defects. Please inspect the goods carefully upon acceptance, and notify us promptly of any defects that you may have found.  

2. If the goods suffer from a defect, you may exercise your rights associated with such defective performance at any time during the period of 24 months from the acceptance of the goods. We accept no liability for defects of the goods that were caused by incorrect use or handling.

3. If the defect represents a minor breach of the purchase agreement, then you are entitled to removal of the defect or to an adequate discount on the purchase price. If the defect represents a material breach of the purchase agreement, then you are entitled to removal of the defect in the form of delivery of a faultless replacement, supplementary delivery of any missing goods, or repair of the goods; to an adequate discount on the purchase price; or to withdrawal from the purchase agreement.

4. You may bring your complaint of faulty or defective goods in person at the address of our registered seat, or by sending the goods to our address. We will provide you with written acknowledgement of your complaint, and then process your complaint as a matter of urgency (but in any case no later than within 30 days from the day on which you submitted your complaint). For hygienic reasons, if you have a complaint to make, we ask that you present us with the goods in a clean state.  

5. Provided that your complaint is justified, you are then also entitled to the reimbursement of any expenses that you reasonably incurred in order to enforce your claim. You may make use of this right within one month from the day on which the period for the exercise of rights from defective performance has expired.

6. Please note that we cannot acknowledge defects which were caused by handling the product in conflict with the instructions, by improper use or care or by a poorly chosen size, and will not accept claims under warranty on this basis.


Alternative Dispute Resolution

1. The body in charge of resolving consumer disputes arising from our purchase agreement in an out-of-court procedure is the Czech Trade Inspection (Česká obchodní inspekce), with its seat at Štěpánská 567/15, 120 00 Prague 2, ID No. 000 20 869, URL:

2. You may also use the platform for online dispute resolution that the European Commission has created, which can be found at:



Final Provisions

1. We will keep the purchase agreement, along with the T&C, on record in electronic form, protecting it from unwarranted access.

2. We may make modifications or additions to the T&C from time to time. This has no bearing on the rights and obligations that came into existence while a previous version of the T&C was in force.

3. These T&C take force and effect on March 1, 2020.


We would like to thank the law firm of Rovenská & partneři, s.r.o. for the great collaboration and for these user-friendly General Terms of Business.

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